How We Got From There To Here.

BRANDEL, INC. has always been on the cutting edge of merging telecom with marketing opportunities. We never planned it that way, but that's how things came to happen.

It started in 1990. Las Vegas, NV. The "Boom Decade". Las Vegas was HOT and 900 Numbers were HOT. It was the early days of the Pay-Per-Call business: Content delivered over the phone lines at two bucks a minute.
What a concept!

I networked here and there. Got hold of some people at MCI, and that was how we got started: Vegas Sports, Phone Sex, Horoscope, Psychic Readings and what-have-you.

I made enough to make it out of the desert and into waterfront heaven. Along the way, I met this sweet new thing called the "Internet". It was love-at-first-sight.

As the 90's went on, the 900-Biz began to fade. Instinctively, I took to the Internet as fast as I could. And since I did not really have a concrete plan, I tried to learn everything I could.
  I did Web Design and Online Advertising. Tried to sell stuff, like t-shirts and mugs and how-to money-making CDs. Those were the wild, early days of Web Commerce. It was fun.

Then came Mobile. Friends from Japan warned me that Text Messaging would be the 'Next Big Thing in Marketing'. I was unbelieving. But I decided to check it out anyway. Soon enough, we were doing serious SMS: from textponders, to bulk messaging, and more.

Then, smartphones came around. And a certain Steve said, "How 'bout some apps?" I took notice and joined the bandwagon. I started by doing advertising stuff - from Mobile Coupons, Mobile Directories, QR Systems and other fun stuff here and there.

Along the way, I wrote four books on marketing. Here are two:
1001 Marketing Ideas and Marketing On The Go (the latter about mobile, in 2004, before Commercial SMS and Smartphones!).

I also did some fishing. Still do.
Once in a while.
-- Ben

NOTE FROM BEN: As of November, 2016, I am no longer actively pursuing new clients for full-build projects. However, I continue to do consultancy and skills-building projects where I can invest my experience and knowledge in marketing and software design. I'm also trying my hands at right-brain writing and creative loafing. Cheers!
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