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SaaS Remains A Strong Model

I'm pleased to be involved in a number of exciting projects, from AdWalls to Title Mills for Beauty Queens. Through the rest of 2018, my team and I will continue to focus on SaaS and Content-Driven properties, primarily those that generate recurring incomes through subscriptions. To SPClients: Please login to access relevant materials and view project updates and schedule changes.

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Mobile Coupons
Do your promotional coupons reach your customers -- anywhere, anytime? If not, I recommend you step up to 'mobile'. Whether you use a ready-made publishing and distribution engine, or have one custom-built just for your brand, consider mobile coupons a critical part of your next marketing campaign.

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Quick Response Solutions
Our interactive, customizable QR Code Engines enable the creation and deployment of Quick Response (QR) Codes for a variety of applications, including: Loyalty Marketing, Security & ID Systems, Contact Building, Document Distribution, and more. Find out how QR Codes can enhance your next project.

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Directories, Showcases, Profiles.
This easy-to-use website caters to publishers of Directories, Ad Walls, Showcase and Profile Pages featuring local businesses, professionals, and more. The site's template structure makes it easy for small, locally-focused publishers to realize their digital projects without fuzz or unnecessary expenses.

Miss Glamour Girl

Beauty Pageants (Title Mills)
When beauty pageants are not beauty contests. Just sign up, pay the registration fee, and you're an instant winner. Some 'Titles' will even send a sash or a plaque. They also feature the profiles of all their titleholders on their official website. For all the world to see. It's gratification: guaranteed and instant. It's beautiful.

Why The Web Has To Remain Free: Long Live The Web (PDF)