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Ideas That May Or May Not Make Money
SaaS Projects In Our Pipeline

I'm pleased to be involved in a number of exciting projects, from AdWalls to Title Mills for Beauty Queens. Through the rest of 2018, my team and I will continue to focus on SaaS and Content-Driven properties, primarily those that generate recurring incomes through subscriptions. To SPClients: Please login to access relevant materials and view project updates and schedule changes.

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Ad Wall
A properly formulated Ad Wall is designed to give a stamp-size ad random exposure to random eyeballs. There is no formula-driven marketing strategy involved, just sheer recklessness. Click on an ad and you're automatically hyperlinked to the advertiser's designated URL. Ads are displayed in a random fashion and are rotated over a preset frequency.

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Quick Response Solutions
Our interactive, customizable QR Code Engines enable the creation and deployment of Quick Response (QR) Codes for a variety of applications, including: Loyalty Marketing, Security & ID Systems, Contact Building, Document Distribution, and more. Find out how QR Codes can enhance your next project.

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New Service To Authors
This new service provides authors easy and direct access to beta readers. Present your new material, initiate discussion, and get feedback from your core audience. We can offer you the eyeballs, or you can keep your presentation exclusive to only those you invite to preview your work.

Miss Beautifulword

Beauty Pageants (Title Mills)
When beauty pageants are not beauty contests. Just sign up, pay the registration fee, and you're an instant Title Holder. Some of these "pageants" will even send a sash and a plaque, and feature profiles of Title Holders in their official website. For all the world to see. It's gratification: instant and guaranteed. It's beautiful.

Why The Web Has To Remain Free: Long Live The Web (PDF)